The easiest way to make marriage more amazing and keep it more amazing!

Experience the marriage you've always wanted!
Creating closeness in marriage is easier than you think!!! 

I walk you through the process and then load you up with support!
You Get...
  • Awesome Husband Club - Busy husbands need extra help. Text messages sent directly to the husbands phone several times a week with helpful hints and ideas to keep wife on the top of his mind.
  • Awesome Wives Club: Same thing as the Awesome Husband Club but designed for the ladies! 
  • Awesome Marriage Club: Strategically timed email reminders and helpful worksheets to support accountability. 
  • Monthly Live Webinars: Covering all topics relational. You actually get to participate if you want!!
  •  Access to Library of Podcasts and Webinars regarding all things relational.
  •  14 Day Marriage Makeover Program 
Real people share their experience!!
So, what's the cost of this?
Regularly $150.00/month. But if you sign up today, it's only $87.00/ $47.00/ month plus your first month is on me!!!! 
Don't fall back into what used to be the normal. Now, when you get on track, you can stay on track.
Absolutely no risk!! Cancel when you want, and the first month is ON ME!!!!  
Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU. Wow, this has surely been the best month in our marriage that I can ever remember. I am so grateful for your help in sparking a change within us. The tools you gave us have been put into practice, and our once struggling marriage is full of love and closeness. I'm amazed that we are still the same two people who came to see you, but where there was once resentment is now care and concern for one another. We are excited to begin your marriage club to keep these things up. 

We are so grateful for you!
- Tiffany J.
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